Friday, July 30, 2010

Welcome to My Blog

Ik ben niet lekker eigenwijs-am not stubborn!
Hey I am Cindy, I've studied Accountancy and spend my life as a professional for almost 17 years. In my sparetime I love to making things, crochet, crafting, sewing, jewelry, cooking and home decor items. How I enjoy to work in details, colors and designs!
I learn crochet since I was 12, my grandma teach me how to make that pink shirt which I follow her with an open mouth. It's wonder me, its amazed lil me at that time. I step back with my professional and spend more time with my hobbies, it's amazing where it turn into something that gives me so much satisfaction. 

Most of my collections I dedicate for babies and kids, as I love them so much.
I handmade all my items and collect them all on my shop, mostly they are one of a kind pieces.(It's not as fun making the same thing over and over again)
What fun part for me is having an idea and figuring out how to make it happen.
I love nature, traditional and homemade things, all what back to basic are acceptable to me.

If you have things in common and would love to share it with me, let's we make it, let's create a beautifull world hand in hand together.
Write me email to or stop for a while to my other specific blog and give your comment to my booties collection on my etsy shop

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